Wifirst financially supports the entire deployment of your tourism residence

  • Full coverage Audit

    Full coverage Audit
    Based on its 13-years experience, Wifirst has developed a methodology for technical audit that considers many (too often ignored) parameters: analysis of the received signal and of the signal/noise ratio, analysis of the radio channel capacity, spectral analysis of the potential disruptive radio, multi-path analysis, etc.
  • Network deployment

    Network deployment
    Wifirst attaches particular importance to the deployment phase. Specialized technicians install the equipment in the rules of art. Trained and used to intervene on any type of sites, they work in the greatest respect of your environment and your customers. A project manager will be dedicated to give you visibility into the progress of work and the WiFi commissioning date.
  • WiFi commissioning

    WiFi commissioning
    The WiFi commissioning marks the completion of our deployment project. Wifirst realizes the setting of access points : choice of channels, activation of various features (band-steering, airtime fairness, etc ...). The connection to the Internet is established and the gateway is configured.

Wifirst manages backhauling, transit and peering with its core network

Wifirst is one of the only WiFi operators with dedicated solutions for leisure and holiday housing to have its own core network. Investing in a core network notably allows Wifirst to provide an end-to-end quality of service management. Moreover, Wifirst has wholesale agreements with major operators, both xDSL and optic fibre, which permits to diversify the access links and therefore secure Internet connectivity with active failover. Besides, Wifirst established peering and interconnect agreements with the biggest content providers (such as Google, Facebook, Akamai, Youtube, Microsoft, Renater, etc.) and tier 1 telcos in order to optimize access to content for the end users.


A cutting edge quality of service

The Wifirst solution enables to offer a very high-speed connection regardless of the number of simultaneous users on the network. Indeed, Wifirst has invested for more than 13 years in R&D to develop its own service quality rules. This proprietary solution is integrated in our wibox appliance and deployed on each WiFi hotspot. It ensures optimum bandwidth management and guarantees an extraordinary user experience.